Botulinum toxin is a bacterial product and although its first use in medicine was to treat strabismus, it is now widely used in many areas. However, its the most frequently used area is cosmetics. What this tiny toxin does is temporarily stop the incoming signals from transmitting to the muscle by interfering between the muscle and the nerve. This way, the muscle loses its function.

One of the things that bother us most on the face is our mimic wrinkles, these lines drag and wrinkle the skin during the movement of the muscle. When we stop the muscle, it is possible to prevent, treat or reduce the appearance of these wrinkles. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to treat every wrinkle with a single Btx treatment, depending on the depth of the wrinkle. Therefore, it is now seen as a preventive treatment for Btx, that is, when the lines are not deepened, these lines can really be destroyed and the youthful appearance can be preserved for a longer time. Although there are no definite limits for the starting age, I think the late 20s are suitable for preserving the existing.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to the effect and function of botulinum toxin, although the majority of other treatments are based on the principles of skin regeneration and filling, the lines will return as long as the underlying muscle moves. Sometimes our patients fear getting a confused mask like expression, however it is possible to avoid such results and to create a dynamic natural expression with a good technique. I think everyone who recieves Btx doesn't like the most is that the effect is temporary. As our cells are renewed, they get rid of the existing toxin, so the movement returns in an average of 4 months. Toxin application can be repeated, it can be done for long periods, it does not accumulate in the body, it does not cause any harm to you. The only use of the toxin is not mimic wrinkles, it is also used in the treatment of sweating. With the toxin applied to the armpits, palms and soles, it is possible to reduce/stop sweating in between 4-6 months.
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