Facial rejuvenation is a set of procedures that are increasingly desired and started being applied at earlier ages in recent years. When people see themselves in the mirror, they can't make peace with their faces which doesn't reflect their high energy, and then I guess nobody can. It is possible to slow down facial aging and age better if small precautions and procedures are applied before it is too late.

Since facial aging is not of a single cause and factor, it requires multiple layers of treatment. By combining many methods in our patients who do not need surgery yet, a better appearance and the process can be slowed down. These methods are botulinum toxin, filler and energy based systems. The purpose of these procedures is to replace the losses of the patient, to increase the production of collagen in the subcutaneous tissue and to lighten the mimic wrinkles.


Depending on aging and genetic factors, the skin of the eyelids may become loose, and bags may occur with the loss of strength of the muscle around the eyes and herniation of the fat tissue. The excess of the upper eyelid skin in particular, may even affect vision in some advanced cases. A constantly tired look causes the face to look worse. This situation can be corrected with eyelid aesthetics. The operation is performed with the support of local anesthesia or sedation where the skin and excess fat, if present, are removed and the wound is closed with thin bandages. When the stitches are cleaned at the end of a week, some of the edema will be gone and you can return to daily routine. In the majority of patients, the scars will decrease over time and become invisible.


It is a type of surgery that is preferred especially in patients with advanced sagging and excess skin. Facelift surgeries are operations that need to be well planned and require a lot of technical attention. It is generally done together with a neck lift, but only a face lift can also be applied. The aim of this surgery should not be to turn the patient's face into something else; the patient should be rejuvenated without losing his facial character. Since I believe more in natural images, I think it is necessary to give a healthy and good expression to the face rather than giving it a 'made' look. We often add eyelid aesthetics and fat injections to these surgeries to harmonize the appearance. During the healing process, the edema gradually decreases, especially during the first week. It is possible to return to daily routine within a week or two. Although the results are long-lasting, we cannot say that they will never deteriorate because the aging process will continue from the point where we brought you. However, during this period, it is possible to improve the results with many ways of skincare.


It is a type of surgery that we think contributes a lot to the psychological state of the patient, especially when they are a child. By reshaping the ear cartilages, the auricle is corrected and the ears are brought closer to the head. The surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. After the surgery, the bandage covering the ears stays for two days, after which I recommend using a hair band for 3 weeks. Swelling, tenderness and pain are normal during the first weeks.


One of the most used and most promising operations of plastic surgery in recent years is fat injections. In addition to being a quality filling material, stem cells in the adipose tissue also increase tissue quality by increasing regeneration and collagen synthesis in the area where they are injected.

In this surgery, fat is collected by entering certain parts of the body with thin cannulas. The collected oil is passed through certain processes and injected into the necessary areas. Even if we lose some of this adipose tissue, the remaining cells are usually sufficient for the result, this process can be repeated later.

Fat injections can be applied not only on the face but also to many parts of the body.


The nose is one of the areas where people obsess over the most because it is located in the middle of the face and attracts attention. However the nose also has a very basic function; breathing and I think shape and function are inseparable. Correcting these two together should be the aim of this surgery.

While reshaping the nose, many factors such as gender, face shape, nose size, facial character, and preferences of the person are evaluated together. However, after all this, I generally do not prefer noses that do not fit the general character of the face, to disrupt the function of the nose or noses that are far from a natural look. The noses that will suit the aesthetic goals of men and women are different from each other. It is possible to feminize the male face with minor angle changes and this should be avoided.

After nose surgery, depending on the procedure performed, thin silicone pads can be used, there is an urban legend that these are painful to remove. When you get rid of ithe pads very quickly on the second day, you will still have a total of one more week with the plaster on your nose. At the end of the first week, when the splint is removed, you will have your new nose, but this is not the final result. It takes 6 months to 1 year for the nose shape to settle and the swelling to go away. During this process, you will have regular check-ups.

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