I was born in Denizli in 1980. After graduating from the Türk Eğitim Vakfı Anatolian High School, I got into Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (English) in 1998. Seeing the knowledge of our plastic surgeon teachers, who were attending our anatomy courses in the second year, and how functional the knowledge could be used, made me decide back then, and after I graduated, I entered the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. . The courses I took and the subjects I studied during both my undergraduate and major increased my belief and admiration for my specialty.
After I became a specialist in 2011, I completed my compulsory service and started working in private sector. I have been carrying out my profession in Istanbul since 2016.   I think, every patient being a different puzzle, the solutions never being standard and the fact that we are practicing this profession by integrating our aesthetic perception will remain my favorite aspects of the job. One of the things I love and am most grateful for in life is genuinely loving my job. Other things that make me very happy are my family, friends, travel, art, dance and music. I love hugging my cello as much as hugging my friends. Pilates, yoga and meditation are the areas where I can embrace myself the most.
Dr. Ebru Yörük
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